Cireson Portal: Dynamic Forms by Template ID, Part 2

Continuing from our last article we are going to move forward with the process of automating the display of our designated custom tab, but first lets do a quick review.

The last entry is available here: Part 1

Last time we worked through the basics of why you would want to use a solution like this, as well as how we can customize a portal form to display our custom property extensions for the workitem classes, and now we are going to discuss how we can manipulate the form on load to display the custom tab automatically based on the template id of the form.

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Cireson Portal: Dynamic Forms by Template ID, Part 1

We’ve had a large number of requests for this sort of functionality, but if you aren’t one of the customers making this request then you may not entirely understand what we are talking about here. What I mean by dynamic forms, is that the SR/IR/CR form changes the fields it shows and the ordering of the fields as you see fit based on the template id of the WorkItem. Let’t look at a few scenarios where this would be useful.

One common scenario is when you have a particular Request Offering in the Service Catalog that serves a very particular purpose, most commonly something like a project request or a new user access request. In either of these scenarios the general information you might be requesting from the user is not going to fit readily into the standard fields for the service request.

With this in mind you are left with a few options. You can extend the service request class to contain additional fields to hold this information and name each field according to the information it will contain, or you can extend the workitem with a generic set of fields to contain the information from both types of request (we consider this best practice), or you can try and fit the information into the default fields. For this article we are going to work with what we consider to be best practice.

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